-Know what propane smells like to be able to sense a leak (strong, nasty smell like skunk's spray or a dead animal)

- If you smell a leak, clear everyone from the building ASAP

-Know where gas lines are located

-Water can damage the internal safety mechanism in the gas controls of an appliance. If you think your appliance has gotten wet (i.e flood), have it replaced ASAP.

-All furnaces should be cleaned on a regular basis

-Drain water heaters periodically. Sediment can build up on the bottom.

-If the burner flame is not blue have your unit serviced. If you see yellow flame, do not cover the oven bottom with foil and call immediately as it can restrict air circulation.

-Never use gas ranges for home heating


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Fertile Oil provides services and products that could be potientally dangerous, it is important to know certain safety information and procedures.